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Artist Series


Creative skills 1-Day Workshops. 

Mix, match & combine these unique offerings in Southern Utah.

I truly love Nature Photography in all forms and the positive impact it can have on people.  Assisting others to create their own images and sharing glimpses of Nature is an absolute joy.  

Southern Utah is an incredible landscape and I can’t wait for you to really see this special landscape in person.

Eric Erlenbusch - Owner & Photographer

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Featured on these Podcasts

Honored to be a guest on the Landscape Photography Podcast and F Stop Collaborate & Listen Podcast. 

Snow and sun sparkles in winter with colors.


Learn photography skills to create better images with local knowledge and professional instruction.

eric Erlenbusch photography in Utah @ee_visual and Utah Photography Workshops.


The amazing landscapes of Southern Utah are out there waiting to be discovered! Go beyond the popular locations and discover what else there is to photograph!

Evening light on the badlands near capitol reef national park and hanksville, utah.


Explore new roads, new landscapes and go beyond the crowds and popular locations. Southern Utah is full of surprises!

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