Hurricane, UT

No Crowds.  Professional Instruction.  Amazing Landscapes. 

Photography Workshops & Private Photo Tours

Southern Utah & Beyond


Learn photography skills to create better images with local knowledge and professional instruction.


The amazing landscapes of Southern Utah are out there waiting to be discovered!  Go beyond the popular locations and discover what else there is to photograph!


Explore new roads, new landscapes and go beyond the crowds and popular locations.   Southern Utah is full of surprises!

Photo Tours vs Workshop

What’s the Difference?

Horizon Photo Tours are designed for a half day of learning, exploring and creating while in stunning landscapes.  Professional Instruction is always included.  Looking for a custom tour?  We can do that too!

Horizon Photo Workshops are designed to enhance your photography skills and develop new ones beyond a half day.  Always small groups of 4 or less to maximize learning.  Workshops range from 1 to several days and focus on learning, creating and exploring.  

Photo Workshop

1-several Days

You can learn so much more in a full day or several days.  Plus, we’ll explore changing conditions and more landscapes.  You can’t learn much of what we discuss in workshops on YouTube or Zoom.  It’s all outside.

Photo Tours

1/2 Day

Sunrise or sunset to maximize your time in Utah!  We know these locations well and live in Southern Utah.  We avoid crowds so you can enjoy these amazing places.

Small Groups – 4 Max

Always small groups with no more than 4 people per instuctor.  The goal is to learn and this is always best done in smaller groups.

Photography Workshops
Private Tour

Once you book no other guests will join.  All Photo Tours are Private and much like a custom mini-workshop.  We’re the only ones to offer this!

Photo Tours

Featured Workshops & Photo Tours

Our Photography Workshops are designed to give you a more in-depth experience to learn and create while building skills in the field.  Our Utah Photography Tours are mini versions of our workshops with professional instruction in amazing locations.

Winter in Bryce Canyon National Park. Hiking in the winter and a tree with snow and sunshine.

Markagunt Plateau, Utah – Fall Colors Adventure

~ SEPTEMBER 26 – 29, 2021 ~

Winter in Bryce Canyon National Park. Hiking in the winter and a tree with snow and sunshine.

Bryce Canyon – Winter Wonderland


Winter in Bryce Canyon National Park. Hiking in the winter and a tree with snow and sunshine.




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