Eric Erlenbusch in Saguaro National Park

A New Year and what better time to begin something new then now. Moving forward this blog will be updated every week or so and the hope that it’s a place for discussion as much as it is informative.

I’ll begin by introducing myself as this blog will be written in the first person and not from the voice of Horizon Photo Tours. My name is Eric Erlenbusch and I’m the owner/guide for Horizon Photo Tours. I’m based in Hurricane, UT near Zion National Park and have lived in Utah for 17 years now. I’ve lived in Park City, UT for 8 years, Salt Lake City for 6 years and Hurricane, UT for 3 years while traveling extensively throughout this state. I’ve always loved outdoor activities among Nature, primarily hiking, backpacking, skiing, mountain biking and exploring this amazing state. About 8 years ago my interest in Nature Photography began to take over and many of my outdoor activities revolved around Photography. Backpacking trips were organized to maximize photography, hikes were to certain locations and backcountry skiing to photogenic landscapes far away from people. One thing has always remained true to this day though: My experience in Nature ALWAYS outweighs Photography. ALWAYS.

This may sound foreign to some, but for my approach to Nature Photography it’s essential. It’s through my connection to Nature and the resulting experiences which fuel my inspiration for photography and not the other way around. I’ve been on countless hikes without my camera simply because these experiences and balance in Nature are a part of my life.

Water drops in the Hoh Rainforest as seen looking straight up with a telephoto lens.

During the past 8 years or so, Photography has taken a more important role in my outdoor activities but I personally find when I let Photography steer my outdoor interests, my Photography suffers. When I let Nature and my outdoor interests steer my Photography, it’s when I feel I do my best work and find more personal satisfaction. This approach doesn’t work for everyone and I don’t even know that this should be a goal for everyone. For many people, Photography is the vehicle which brings them outside among Nature and this should be celebrated! Nature gives to people in many ways and whatever works for you, go with it.

It’s through my experiences outdoors and countless miles and nights outside where my appreciation for Nature and Photography grows and is strengthened. It’s not a hobby for me. It’s not a job for me, nor is it a therapy or escape in any way. Simply put, Photography and Nature is my life. So to say I’m slightly passionate about both is an understatement and the core reason I absolutely love what I do and get to call “a job”.

Bryce Canyon, just not the “normal” part.

I’ll be writing more, much more about Utah, Photography, Nature and Weather in upcoming blog posts along with questions to consider. I sincerely wish for every person to become more proficient behind the lens, no matter their skill level or experience or type of camera. If I can help others see more than they did before, be a little more comfortable than before or inspire a little more, then that’s enough for me. I learn about Nature and Photography every single day and just want to share and inspire others to proceed on their Photography journey too.

See you outside, Eric

Saguaro roaming to start 2022:)

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