Hurricane, UT

35mm Film 1-Day Workshop

Film Photography Workshop in Southern Utah

Our 1-Day Film Photography Workshop near Zion National Park is unique to Horizon Photo Tours and is very different than our Photography Tours. In this 1-Day Workshop, we’ll take care of all the equipment, film, developing and scanning for you so you can focus on learning and making images. Join us for a unique and rewarding experience in Southern Utah!

What You’ll Learn: Film Photography Workshop

  • To read and evaluate light more effectively in the field.
  • You’ll learn about dynamic range and how film records light differently than a digital sensor.
  • You’ll learn about color rendition on different films.
  • You’ll learn to be more selective while shooting. More pictures don’t necessarily mean better pictures.
  • You’ll enhance your observation skills. You’ll become better at knowing when to click the shutter.

What’s Included: Film Photography Workshop

  • We provide the camera and 2 lenses to use (35mm).
  • 2 rolls of film to expose. Each roll is 36 photos so we’ll make 72 photos. We’ll shoot one roll of color slide film and one roll of color negative film. If you feel like shooting more, we’ll have extra rolls.
  • Developing & Scanning. This is handled by a professional lab and the scans are sufficient for prints up to 11″ x 14″ and WAY more than you need for social media.
  • Files will be uploaded to an online gallery. You’ll be notified via email when your film scans are complete and ready to download.
  • Film will be mailed to you. The color slide film will be mounted. Please note, additional shipping will be added for all addresses outside the USA.

Why Film Photography?

With today’s DSLR’s and amazing phone cameras, film photography may seem obsolete to some people. However, film photography offers something which a digital image can’t offer, and that is a tangible image. You can hold the film in your hand and watch the image come to life in front of your eyes. This is exactly why we will shoot a roll of color slide film in this workshop.

Film photography also has the advantage of having limited exposures. Notice we said advantage and not restricted? With fewer frames to expose, you’re forced to be more selective while in the field. We’ll teach you about metering and reading light and although you’ll expose fewer frames, we can assure you they’ll be quality images.

Lastly, film photography is also a way to create unique images of the landscape and images with more personal meaning. When you look at your film or scan, you’ll be reminded of the light, the subject and the sense of place from when you made the image. We hope you’ll see the landscape a little differently as a result.

Pricing & Logistics

  • Offered near Zion National Park in the Greater Zion Area.
  • $400/person (includes camera usage, film)
  • Limited to 2 people only. We want to ensure you have ample time to learn and make the best images possible.
  • Meeting location to be determined based upon your location.
  • Full Day Workshop with a midday break for lunch. Hours will vary by the season. Generally 7AM-11AM & 4PM – 9PM. Please note this is not a sunset or sunrise tour but we will be starting at sunrise and ending at sunset. We will be visiting photographic locations best suited for film photography. We’ll explore various landscapes and various types of light.
  • No refunds are offered due to weather conditions. You may reschedule to a different day (based upon availability). There are always locations to shoot comfortably, no matter the weather and SW Utah is blessed with great weather throughout the year.

What to Bring

  • Please wear shoes or hiking boots. No sandals or flip flops due to the rugged terrain.
  • Very light hiking is involved but we can customize this workshop to the fitness level of the group.
  • Bring Sunscreen/Hat/Layers. Even in mid summer it can be cool in the morning and evening, depending on our location.
  • We’ll break for lunch and reconvene in the afternoon. Lunch is not included in the pricing.
  • We will have complimentary refreshments such as Gatorade, soft drinks and water in our cooler.  You may also store food that you bring.
  • Transportation is not provided and we’ll meet at the locations. Driving will be minimal and easy road conditions for all vehicles.

We look forward to exploring Southern Utah with you and shooting some film! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or special requests.