Horizon Photo Tours was founded in 2019 with the vision of sharing the Desert Southwest’s breathtaking landscapes with visitors from around the world.  We’ll assist you in creating the best images possible during your time here, while enhancing your photography skills. For beginning photographers, we will assist you with photography basics and take you to locations with great light. For more experienced photographers, our intimate knowledge of Southern Utah’s landscape, light and weather will ensure you are in a position to create great images.  We’ll soon be expanding our Utah Photo Tours and Workshops into other areas of the Desert Southwest.  We hope you’ll join us so you too may expand your photographic horizon.


Eric Erlenbusch –

Owner & Photographer

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I’ve lived in Utah for nearly 20 years and have explored Utah from corner to corner as an avid outdoors lover.  Hiking, backpacking, backcountry skiing and exploring remote areas of this state are what fuel my love of the outdoors and photography.  I was born and raised in Western Montana and was always around the outdoors growing up.  I moved to Utah and studied Meteorology at the University of Utah, following my interest (passion) for the weather, but I discovered I didn’t want to pursue a career in Meteorology. 

A while later I moved to Seattle, WA and began a career in Hospitality Management and escaped to the Cascades and Olympic Coast as often as possible.  Working in an extremely busy hotel was one part of my life and a need to recharge and balance myself in Nature was another part of my life.  I later transferred to the St. Regis in Deer Valley, UT where my professional life could be balanced with my love of Nature and interest in photography.  In 2013 my interest in photography transitioned into a full blown passion for Nature and Landscapes.  It was in Park City, UT where my love of landscape photography flourished with Nature literally at my doorstep.

Then it happened, the “ah-ha moment” we all hear about.  I was out photographing on particularly foggy and colorful autumn day in the aspens, but had to stop shooting and go to work.  I had to leave something I absolutely love for something else.  That exact day, that exact moment, I knew I was taking a new path towards photography and I haven’t looked back since.

salmon jumping in bears mouth by Thomas Mangelsen
“Catch of the Day” by Thomas Mangelsen

Upon leaving my hospitality career I later worked for the legendary nature photographer, Thomas Mangelsen, where I proudly served as Gallery Director in Park City, UT.  Photography became part of my daily life professionally and personally.  I learned more about photography and it’s effects during those 3 years than my entire life previously.  In 2019, I left Park City, UT and moved to Hurricane, UT (near Zion) where I continued my journey through photography.

I truly love Nature Photography in all forms and the positive impact it can have on people.  Assisting others to create their own images and sharing glimpses of Nature is an absolute joy.  Southern Utah is an incredible landscape and I can’t wait for you to really see this special landscape in person.

Delicate Arch Reflection – Arches National Park – 5 image stitched panoramic


Podcast & Interview

Portrait of a Photographer: Eric Erlenbusch

Honored to be featured in On Landscape in July 2022. Read the full interview at On Landscape

f stop and collaborate podcast guest eric erlenbusch

Guest: Eric Erlenbusch

Honored to be a guest on F Stop Collaborate & Listen Landscape Photography Podcast.  The episode aired September 5th, 2022.

Guest: Eric Erlenbusch

Honored to be a guest on The Landscape Photography Show Podcast with David Johnson.


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