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Bryce Canyon Photo Tour – Sunrise Hiking

Bryce Canyon Photo Tour – Hiking photo tour

Bryce Canyon Photo Tour

Sunrise & Hiking

$300 per Person

Bryce Canyon National Park will take your breath away as the sun rises, illuminating a landscape unlike anywhere on Earth. We’ll guide you to amazing locations and provide professional photography instruction so you can maximize your time in Bryce Canyon National Park. The good light starts well before sunrise and lasts well into the morning. We’ll guide you to some of our favorite locations and ensure you create stunning images. Come see Bryce Canyon with us!

Skill leveL

Beginner to Expert



group size

1 – 4 People

What to bring

  • Camera Body (Digital or Film)
  • Various lenses. We generally use anything from an ultra wide-angle to medium telephoto. Rarely do we ever need anything wider than 14mm. Bryce Canyon can be incredible with long lenses of 100mm – 600mm
  • Tripod (highly recommended for this tour)
  • Extra Batteries/charger.
  • Circular Polarizer*
  • Graduated Neutral Density filters*
  • Extra memory cards/film (you’ll use them, guaranteed!)
  • Hiking shoes/boots. We don’t recommend sandals or flip flops due to the rugged terrain.
  • Sunscreen/water/snacks
  • Extra layers. It can be cold at sunrise and sunset, even in the summer!
  • No Food is provided.


  • Update: We will meet at one of the overlooks (Sunrise Point/Sunset Point). No transportation provided until further notice due to Covid-19.
  • Tour Duration: 4-5 Hours
  • Meeting time is 90 min before sunrise.
  • Tour Duration: 4-5 Hours
  • Light to moderate hiking only. Hiking generally offers the best light and compositions in Bryce Canyon.  Check out our Sunrise Tour with minimal hiking here. Plus, we’ll likely be the only photographers there! More information about hiking and conditions below.
  • Bryce Canyon offers many composition opportunities with one primary location for sunrise followed by many other locations after sunrise. There is a lot to photograph here!

Cancellation Policy

  • All tours are fully prepaid at the time of booking.
  • Cancellations 30 days or more from the tour date will receive a full refund.
  • 29 days – 2 days prior: 75% will be refunded or you may reschedule based upon availability.
  • Within 2 days: No refund offered, you may reschedule based upon availability.
  • Please note “days” are full calendar days.

Tour pricing

  • $300 per Photographer
  • $50 per Non-Photographer
  • Limited to 4 people total
  • 1 Photographer Minimum
  • Private Tour – no additional people joining once booked for your group

Bryce Canyon Hiking Requirements

  • More hiking information can be found on the Bryce Canyon National Park website
  • Winter in Bryce Canyon is generally cold and likely colder than you imagine.  Please see our recommendations for gear and clothing.  Please check the forecast prior to your arrival.  We’ll also reach out prior to your trip regarding expected conditions.
  • Trails in Bryce Canyon are well maintained, gradual and accommodating.  Winter can bring firmly packed snow, ice or fresh snow.  When trails are open in the winter, generally they’re well worn.  If there is too much snow, some trails may be closed.
  • Traction devices can be very useful on firm packed or icy trails.  If you’re comfortable hiking on snow and ice, winter boots are often fine.  Hiking poles with baskets can be very useful when hiking on snowy trails and for descending into Bryce Canyon.
  • Hiking will be intentionally slow paced.  Bryce Canyon is at an elevation of about 8000 ft above sea level so hiking is more difficult than at sea level.  We’ll be moving slow and will have many opportunities to stop and shoot in the canyon.
  • Elevation gain and loss will be about 500 ft.  We’ll partially descend into the canyon and return.  We’ll customize the amount of hiking to the group.  For those wanting to shoot and experience Bryce Canyon with minimal hiking, please see our Bryce Canyon Sunrise Tour.

Bryce Canyon Clothing and Gear Recommendations

  • Winter outdoor gear will include insulated snow boots and warm socks.  Hats and gloves are always needed.  A warm down/synthetic insulated coat and dressing in layers will be best. Depending on conditions, hiking pants with thermal leggings can be fine or occasionally dedicated snow pants may be needed.  Generally hiking pants with thick thermal leggings work fine.
  • Traction devices can be useful for those uncomfortable hiking on snow and ice.
  • Hiking poles with baskets will help for hiking on snow and ice.
  • Extra lens cloths are recommended.  Lenses, viewfinders and camera screens can fog or ice up very easily in the cold.
  • Insulated thermos of hot coffee/tea is recommended.  A warm beverage goes a long way to help you stay warm, especially in the cold dawn.
  • Headlamp – charged or with fresh batteries.  Please test this before you go out for the morning!
  • Gloves with a liner option for at least one hand is helpful.  Bulky gloves can be difficult to operate a camera with.  Thin liners under a mitten work well for cold weather photography.
  • Disposable hand warmers will be provided.  These are almost always needed in the winter.
  • Sunscreen.  The sun can be intense at 8000 feet in elevation, even when cold!
  • Fun Attitude!  Winter and cold weather photography can be challenging but having proper gear and attitude can make this an amazing time to shoot.  Spectacular conditions occur in Bryce Canyon as it gets colder and snowy which makes for amazing images!
  • Please contact us with any questions about gear recommendations for winter photography.  We want you to be comfortable while shooting and it’s possible to do with some preparation.

Bryce Canyon Photo Tour – Hiking at Sunrise

Discover Bryce Canyon’s Amazing Light With Us!

Note: Bryce Canyon National Park occasionally receives extreme wind and in these instances we may give you the option to rebook to a different day or an evening tour. These extreme wind events are rare and occur primarily in Winter. No refunds are offered due to any other weather conditions, as such conditions make for incredible photos! If the weather is unacceptable, you may choose to rebook based upon availability for no additional fee.  Please contact us with any questions regarding changes or cancellations of your Photo Tour.

Please contact us to book this tour