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Where’s the best coffee in Zion? Capitol Reef? Bryce Canyon?

The coffee in your mug while outside shooting of course! But if you’re looking for a coffee shop then Cafe Soleil has the best coffee in Springdale. In Torrey, grab a cup at Castlerock Coffee. For Bryce Canyon, head to Bryce Canyon Pines after sunrise and enjoy a home-cooked breakfast and coffee.

What if it’s raining or snowing when I visit Zion?

Great question, especially for those planning a visit during Winter months. Zion is a magical place on a rainy day and the Park can come alive with waterfalls during a rainstorm. We know many great locations to photograph these waterfalls comfortably and can take you to our favorite places. Not every storm produces waterfalls though, so it’s best to have a local guide during these rare events. Often times you need to be in a location BEFORE the waterfall happens! Snow in Zion is even more uncommon and the Park takes on a different look. Accessibility can be difficult and at times 4WD is mandatory for accessing the Park. We have you covered here, our vehicle is more than capable in Winter conditions. We also can safely guide you to numerous amazing locations to capture this rare and fleeting condition.

What if it’s raining or snowing when I visit Bryce Canyon?

Bryce Canyon is a difficult place to photograph in the rain and not necessarily a pleasant experience. Images are also not great from rainy conditions there. Luckily, rain events are usually short lived here and can lead to AMAZING conditions later! If we anticipate such a rainy day, we’ll give you the option to cancel (full refund) or reschedule. We’ll be in contact with you in such a case to provide options but once again, these conditions are rare. Snow in Bryce Canyon is a different story. We’ll never cancel a Photo Tour due to snow since Bryce Canyon is absolutely magical with snow! The hoodoos appear to be frosted and sometimes even plastered with snow. The only type of snow which is difficult to photograph in Bryce Canyon is when it’s combined with strong winds which can frequently occur during the Winter. If this is the case during your tour, we’ll also work with you to find other options or we can cancel for a full refund. During the Winter of 2018-2019 there was over 60″ of snow on the ground in Bryce Canyon!

What if it’s raining or snowing when I visit Capitol Reef?

Capitol Reef in the rain can also be a difficult and uncomfortable experience to photograph as this Park is largely seen away from the roads. Rain events are short lived here as well so we’ll be in touch with you if such conditions are forecasted to provide you with options. Sometimes a little rain is just fine and creates dynamic conditions! Snow in Capitol Reef is simply stunning and we’ll likely find many locations to shoot comfortably and safely. Snow is relatively light here but is also unpredictable from Fall to Spring. We’ve seen 6″ fall when no mention of snow was forecasted! This place is simply wild. One note for our Adventure Photo Tour is rain and snow can limit access to backcountry roads due to mud. Some roads become impassable to all vehicles, no matter what type. Typically the conditions improve quickly and we can always go to a different location if conditions permit. Capitol Reef is over 100 miles long from North to South and conditions can be drastically different. We know this place and can make this call if such conditions arise.

What’s the difference between a Jeep Tour and a Photography Tour?

We frequently visit the exact same areas as the Jeep Tours. There are no locations around Zion, Capitol Reef or Bryce Canyon which require a specialized 4×4 and our 4WD Vehicle is MUCH more comfortable than a Jeep. Guaranteed. Jeep tours also go to locations when the light is the WORST for photography. We go when it’s the BEST. Horizon Photo Tours provides photography instruction and expertise when in a great location with great light. We want you to see some off the beaten path areas of Southern Utah at the right time and ensure you get more than a snapshot during your time in this special place.

I’ve been to all the National Parks in Utah. Can you show me something different?

Of course. For example, have you seen Zion’s cliffs glow like fire an hour before sunrise on a rainy day? Have you seen the hoodoos in Bryce Canyon light up like a rainbow 2 hours after sunrise? Have you seen the entire 100 miles of Capitol Reef? We’ve been exploring Southern Utah for 20+ years and haven’t even scratched the surface of what this landscape “looks” like. This is the beauty of photography and discovery. This dynamic landscape changes and looks different with every weather event and it’s impossible to see these places in one visit, let alone one lifetime. If you’re truly looking for something in Southern Utah that you’ve never seen before, come join us on our Capitol Reef Adventure Photo Tour for example. Or join us on our Beyond Zion Photo Tour. Either one of these Photo Tours will show you more than you ever imagined!