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A fluid collection of images which showcase the landscapes represented in our Workshops and Utah Photo Tours.  Other images are meant to show recent conditions while others may show examples of composition, style and techniques.

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Zion National Park & Beyond Zion

Zion national park sunrise with fog and sunshine. Greater Zion and Zion National Park photogrpahy.
Fall colors above Zion National Park near Brian Head. Fall colors on cedar mountain on a utah photo tour.
Zion Subway in Winter with icicles in Zion National Park.
Fall Colors in Zion National Park with yellow leaves and curved sandstone.
reflected light on pine tree and aspens in Zion National Park.
layers of light and color on a Greater Zion Photography Workshop.
Fall Colors and snow in Zion National Park with a clearing storm.
Crescent moon setting over a tree in Zion National Park.
Cottonwood tree and the virgin river near Zion National Park with emerald green water.
Juniper trees in a snowstorm in Zion National Park.
A lone tree in a colorful slot canyon in Zion National Park.

Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon Photo Workshop in winter with sunrise on the hoodoos.
Rainbow over Bryce Canyon national Park at sunset and light on hoodoos.
Bryce Canyon in Winter with snow drifts and hoodoos on a sunny day.
panoramic sunrise in Bryce Canyon national Park.
Bristlecone Pine tree in snow and black and white in Bryce Canyon national Park.
Bryce Canyon National Park in Winter with snow and hoodoos
Hoodoos at sunset in Bryce Canyon National Park.
colors of Bryce Canyon National Park.
Bryce Canyon snow storm at sunset with yellow trees. Sunset Point in Bryce Canyon National Park.
Sunset over Bryce Canyon National Park on a Bryce Canyon Photography Workshop.
Southwest Utah Photo Tour and Bryce canyon national park

Capitol Reef National Park & Beyond

yellow cottonwood tree in a canyon of southern utah with reflected light. Capitol reef photo tour and photo workshop.
Capitol Reef Photo Tour and Capitol Reef Photo Tour. Badlands of Utah at sunset near factory butte.
Moonrise in blue hour in Capitol Reef National Park.
Spring in Capitol Reef National Park with green grass and badlands.
Badlands and storm light near Capitol Reef National Park.
Capitol reef workshop and a yellow cottonwood tree in a canyon with reflected light.

Other Locations Including Brian Head, The Palouse, Olympic National Park, Park City and Southern Utah.

Orange hoodoo at sunset with a view of Zion National Park as seen from Duck Creek.
Sunset over Steptoe Butte on a Palouse Photography Workshop.
Palouse Photography Workshop with rolling hills
sunset light on the palouse green hills
Light and trees on the coast of washington with light rays and orange sky.
Rain drops and ferns in the hoh rainforest in Olympic National Park on a custom photography workshop.
Sunrise in the Palouse as seen on a Palouse Photography Workshop.
full moon rising above aspens in fall color near brian Head, utah. Aspens in lava fields.
Park City Fall Photography Workshop. Red aspens in park city, utah.
Hoh Rainforest in Olympic National Park photographed during a Custom photo workshop.
Creosote bush with a telephoto lens and bokeh while on a private utah photo workshop.
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