Our Light of Zion Photo Tour is a specialized photography tour in Zion National Park which focuses on the various types of light found here. We’ll visit amazing locations while we photograph the unique and changing light in Zion National Park. This tour is offered in the morning only and is perfect for those wishing to explore Zion beyond the iconic landscapes.

Light of Zion Photo Tour – $300

Tour Details

  • All Photo Tours are Private
  • $300/Person
  • Non-Photographers/Children: $50
  • Limited to 3 people total to provide the best experience and learning
  • Meet at Zion National Park Visitor Center
  • Meeting Location Directions
  • Tour Duration: 90 minutes before sunrise until 12:00pm
  • Some light hiking is involved, both on trail and off trail.
  • We are trained in CPR & First-Aid.

What to Bring

  • Camera Body (Digital or Film)
  • Various lenses.  We generally use anything from an ultra wide-angle to medium telephoto.  Rarely do we ever need anything longer than 300mm or wider than 14mm.
  • Tripod*
  • Extra Batteries/charger.  USB ports available in vehicle for charging.
  • Circular Polarizer*
  • Graduated Neutral Density filters*
  • Extra memory cards/film (you’ll use them, guaranteed!)
  • Hiking shoes/boots.  We don’t recommend sandals or flip flops due to the rugged terrain.
  • Sunscreen/water/snacks
  • Extra layers.  It can be cold at sunrise and sunset, even in the summer!
  • No Food is provided. We will have complimentary refreshments such as Gatorade, soft drinks and water in our cooler.  You may also store food that you bring.

    *Indicates optional items and not necessary for this photo tour.