Palouse Photography Workshop 2023

week 1: May 14-18, 2023
Week 2: May 21-25, 2023
Week 3: June 11-15, 2023


A Photography Paradise & A Photographer's Paradise

Our Palouse Photography Workshop is timed to photograph this amazing landscape in glorious green spring colors.  The Palouse has been called America’s Tuscany for it’s rolling green hills, gorgeous light and endless photography potential.  The Palouse of Eastern Washington is a vast area connected by a spider web of dirt roads, highways and paved country roads begging for exploration.

Steptoe Butte is a highlight of the area and offers spectacular views in all directions.  Come join us and explore the Palouse and see for yourself why photographers visit time and time again.

Lone tree in the green Palouse fields.

Explore the Palouse of Washington in May

Steptoe Butte stands out in the center of the Palouse and offers 360 views of the surrounding area.  Other locations throughout the Palouse also offer elevated vantage points to capture the endless layers and compositions and we’ll explore those areas too.

Pullman, WA and Moscow, ID are the largest towns near the Palouse with Spokane, WA being 90 minutes to the North.  The weather during May ranges from cool and breezy to hot and stable with temperatures 40-90 degrees Fahrenheit.  This variable weather means variable light and this is why this is a great time to shoot here!

A Private Photo Workshop in the Palouse is also available upon request immediately before or following this workshop.

sunset light on the palouse green hills

Golden Light of Steptoe Butte

360º of rolling hills and light at sunrise and sunset.  

The Details

Palouse Photography Workshop 2023

Week 1: May 14-18, 2023
Week 2: May 21-25, 2023
Week 3: June 11-15, 2023

  • Learn while creating images in small groups. The purpose of the workshop is to create and have hands on instruction while exploring.  Large tour groups can’t offer this level of personalized instruction.
  • This workshop is limited to a small group of 4 people, with 1 instructor.  This allows focused help and guiding while allowing our group to be flexible and adaptable to changing conditions.
  • We’ll be exploring and shooting during this workshop.  This is NOT a tour of well known locations in the Palouse or going from icon to icon.  The real Palouse is found on the dirt roads, the surprises around the corners and the ability to chase conditions.  There are rustic barns and farms EVERYWHERE.
Sunrise in the Palouse in Washington on a Palouse Photography Workshop

Layers of Light Everywhere

Sunrise in the Palouse with no crowds and no other photographers.  

More Information

Palouse Photography Workshop 2023

All Transportation Included
  • Late May and early June are great times in the Palouse because it’s incredibly green and uncrowded.
  • We’ll be learning in the field with professional assistance while you’re making images.  Youtube and online tutorials can’t offer this level of assistance.
  • You’ll have a private room during your workshop and not shared accommodations. 
  • Focus on Composition, Light and Weather. There’s also a heavy focus on telephoto images (200mm+) as well as travel photography.
  • Image review after workshop completion is also included. We won’t be covering post processing during the workshop for the simple reason you’ll be too tired.
rolling green hills in the palouse at sunrise

A Playground of Light & Design

Curves and light create endless possibilities for the artistic eye.  Come see why photographers return to the Palouse time and time again.

Workshop Pricing

Palouse Photography Workshop Pricing


Week 1: May 14-18, 2023
Week 2: May 21-25, 2023
Week 3: June 11-15, 2023

No rental car needed - Transportation to/from Spokane Airport Included
Palouse Photography Workshop with rolling hills

Endless Country Roads to Explore

Endless roads and endless compositions.  The real Palouse is down the next dirt road…

Palouse Photography Workshop 2023

Deposit & Cancellation Policy

Sunset in the Palouse

Telephoto view looking towards the sun at sunset.  The colors in the Palouse will take your breath away.

Palouse Photography Workshop Registration

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