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Misconceptions in Landscape Photography

Part one in a series of shorter posts, in which I want to discuss a few misconceptions in Landscape Photography. I listen to many photographers, read many photography articles and am generally immersed in Landscape Photography so I often hear information or discussions about Landscape Photography which shouldn’t always be taken for truth. Nearly every…
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The wave at coyote buttes north

Photographing a New Location: 7 Tips to Create Better Images When Traveling to a New Location

Photographing a new landscape can be exciting for many reasons and the thrill of a new landscape is something many photographers dream of, whether distant or relatively close to home. Photographing a new location brings many challenges though and often leads to very few “keeper” images, despite the initial thrill and excitement of travel. There’s…
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Winter Photography in Bryce Canyon National Park: Part 2

Part 1 of this blog shared information about gear and clothing to consider while photographing in Bryce Canyon National Park in Winter.  Part 2 will discuss logistics and other considerations during the Winter.  I’ll also share some recommendations for locations as well as some tips for techniques and practices for cold weather shooting.  Of course…
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Winter Photography in Bryce Canyon National Park: Part 1

Bryce Canyon National Park in Southern Utah sits at a high elevation around 8000 feet above sea level and receives ample snow during most winters.  This magical landscape of sculpted hoodoos and canyons glows in sunlight throughout the year and especially comes alive in the winter when covered in snow.  Without snow, this landscape is…
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